New Soothing Shave Oil

April 18, 2017

New Soothing Shave Oil

Experience a soothing shave with the new Vintage Shave Oil.
If you are looking to make the move from cream, aftershave,
or gel then this large 3oz bottle is perfect for gentlemen like you!

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Scent: Unscented
Size: 3oz glass flash

Vintage Shave Oil offers a balanced blend of soothing all-natural plant based oils that provide both quality and convenience for your daily shaving routine. The Vitamin E and the other oils used in this product carry both anti-inflamitory and conditioning properties great for all types of skin and facial hair! 


  • Pre-Shave to soften facial hair
  • During the shave for a smooth glide
  • After-shave to soothe and condition the skin
  • Rub extra into face and hands after shaving for non-greasy soft skin

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