Size Does Not Matter! When it comes to beards...

August 25, 2016 2 Comments

Size Does Not Matter! When it comes to beards...

In recent years, as you may already be aware, the majority of men have began re-adopting the timeless tradition of growing facial hair. Humans have grown facial hair for thousands upon thousands of years, yet during the past 75 years or so of habitual shaving, the habit of maintaining well-groomed and presentable facial hair has become a lost art until recently. One of the biggest misconceptions men make in regards to growing facial hair is “size matters” and that you need to have a “big-one” in order to use or need any products to take care of those whiskers.

There is now an abundance of products available on the market to take care of any beard or grooming need. Many of these products are designed for use on different skin and hair types as well. Many companies though, such as ours, likes to offer multi-purpose products to keep this whole process easier and more convenient for men. Whether, you have a short beard, big beard, just a mustache, or are just thinking about growing some scruffy facial hair, we hope that the following information will show you as to why Size does NOT matter, when it comes to beards...

Short Scruffy Beards (0-3 inches)
Whether you like to keep a short scruffy beard or are thinking about growing a champion worthy face blanket, taking care of your skin and facial hair in the early stages of growth is extremely important in regards to health benefits and promoting fuller growth over time. Also, many men find (and their women complain) that a short scruffy beard can get rough and itchy. This is simply an excuse, as you can find wonderful natural plant based products to help soften the roughness and sooth the itch. So whether you like the short scruffy look or want to grow it big, just ensure you are taking measures to help your cause during the shorter and earlier stages of growth.

Medium Length Beards (4-9 inches)
This is the stage where most men begin to see their true bearded character. The facial hair really begins to take shape during this stage of growth, and some men find that they have unruly hairs they want to tame, shape, and trim. Medium beards will also need extra daily care by combing/brushing out the hair to help tame and to prevent knots and tangles. We’d recommend using a high quality wooden comb or brush for a smoother glide to ensure you are not ripping, tearing, or tugging out any of the hairs each morning. While using leave-in beard oils and conditioners are great for leaving it soft throughout the day, some of you Gents may require a heavier beard balm to help condition and shape the unruly hairs.

Long / Big Beards (10 inches+)
If you have taken the time to grow your beard to great lengths and are currently not taking proper care of it, then you may need to stop and listen to what your beard is telling you. First, you or a significant other should take a peek at your facial hair closely to look for the same old telltale signs one would look for in regards to hair and skin for health issues. We also recommend finding quality “lasting” products that won’t run out in a few weeks since you have all that extra facial hair to maintain. Our little 1 ounce beard oils and balms last the typical 10 inch beard a whole month with daily use, as we use quality plant-based ingredients and don’t dilute with water or other harmful synthetic substitutes. Lastly, many gentlemen with large beards make the mistake of just rubbing oil, balm, or leave-in-conditioner to the “outside” of the beard. So always ensure you work the products between your fingers and all the way down to the skin, as the hair underneath is just as important when it comes to health!

**Tip: Beard beads and braids are also a great way for you edgy fellas to keep the beard under control when eating, working, or playing sports.

Mustaches, GoaTee, and Partial Beards
Many mustachers and partial beardsmen are most of whom in our society that misconceive the fact that ‘size matters” and that they don’t need to take care of the little hair they have. Even those little chin patches and mustaches need quality care too, and you can darn bet that the person you are kissing on will appreciate some softer whiskers around the lip. Example: A short mustache or GoaTee may find a wonderful 2 in 1 benefit from using our Barber’s Choice Beard Oil to keep a Goatee or Mustache soft while also applying a few drops of the same oil for a soothing aftershave with no burn!

When it comes to Cleanliness, size definitely DOES NOT matter!
I hope that you don’t need a long explanation as to why cleanliness is important for health reasons... Are there dead-ends or split ends? Is is dry? Does it Stink? Are all of the oils stripped from your beard? Is it dirty? Are you a messy eater? These are a few concerns that many of our “long-bearded” customers who are looking to take better care of their beard ask us on a daily basis. Keeping a clean beard will increase your chances for a healthier and happier beard.

No matter the size, ensure you are washing your facial hair, thoroughly, all the way down to the skin (just as you would the hair on your head). If you are just using off-the-shelf synthetic soap to wash, then you are wrong. We only suggest using quality all-natural leave-in beard oils, washes, or conditioners at least 4-5 days per week. Quality products like our small Beard Oil bottles and Balm tins should last a 10 inch beard roughly a whole month (2-5 months for shorter beards!). Pretty much all of the natural care products we make have multi-purpose ingredients that are great for the hair and skin anywhere on the body! Our beard care products also have certain plant-based ingredients that are known to be naturally anti-bacterial that have been known to help keep the skin and facial hair clean and fresh.

The Hairy Conclusion
If you wash, comb/brush, condition, and take care of those beautiful locks on your head, why wouldn’t you do the same for the hair on your face? Most gentlemen with short hair on their heads still wash and condition with quality products, just as those with long hair do. So we ask that you stop assuming that “size matters” when it comes to beard care, grow what your mama gave you, and show the world your true character!

Facial hair portrays character and sets you apart from being just another face in the crowd, so just remember that with great character comes great responsibility!
-Derwood (owner)

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2 Responses

Edie Butler
Edie Butler

September 07, 2016

Great read! Love the humor! And I couldn’t agree more about taking care of that facial hair. I have a guy in my life that is not so good about this! I mentioned this post to him….hope he takes the time to read it!

K. Garland
K. Garland

August 25, 2016

It’s cool to see such a nice read on the blog, I hope there is more to come like it!

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