The Philosophy of Beards

March 23, 2017

The Philosophy of Beards

Talk about Vintage... The Philosophy of Beards was originally written in 1850 by Thomas S. Gowing. This historical reference to the importance of beards in humanity is a must have for anyone interested in the history of facial hair, and is an even better read for those of you looking to hold an edge in social conversation regarding facial hair.

"The absence of Beard is usually a sign of physical and moral weakness."
"Take two drawings of the head of a lion, one with and the other without the mane. You will see how much of the majesty of the king of the woods, as well as that of the lord of the earth, dwells in this free-flowing appendage."
"There is scarcely a more naturally disgusting object than a beardless old man. The Beard keeps gradually covering, varying and beautifying, and imparts new graces even to decay, by heightening all that is still pleasing, veiling all that is repulsive."

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