Moustache Wax Combo Pack - Medium & Strong Hold, 1oz Each

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Brand: The Vintage Beard Company


  • 1 Death Grip Mustache Wax, 1oz
  • 1 Olde Country Mustache Wax, 1oz
  • Tame, Condition, and Style your Mustache!
  • Veteran-Owned & Handcrafted in Colorado, USA
  • Ingredients: Lanolin, Bees Wax, Pine Rosin, & Jojoba Oil

Publisher: The Vintage Grooming Company

Details: *Caution - Death Grip is for Serious Moustaches Only (heat source needed to apply, please read directions) This all-natural mustache wax combo set can be used together, or you can use each of them individually to accomplish a variety mustache style perfection!

Death Grip Moustache Wax is our serious, Award Winning and Competition Grade, styling moustache wax to keep those handlebars styled throughout the entire day! When we say "strong", we really mean EXTRA STRONG, and if applied properly you won't have to concern with applying more throughout the day. As this wax will even hold thru the night and act as a great medium wax the following day with no further application necessary if you don't wash it out!

Olde Country Moustache Wax is handcrafted from a perfect combination of lanolin, bees wax, and other select natural oils that help tame those wild whiskers! It offers a nice medium hold that is perfect for daily grooming/taming needs along with fresh and subtle woodsy pine aromas. The both are handcrafted from a perfect combination of lanolin, bees wax, and other select natural ingredients that help tame and shape those handlebars! Use the Olde Country for a daily conditioner and to tame the hairs off your lip, or use it as a pre-styler to apply first, then come on top of it with Death Grip to tighten up those handlebar tips!

Directions: Warm the Death Grip wax with a blowdryer, then scrape up a small portion of wax with included scraper pick. Rub wax between fingers and spread evenly in the moustache. Comb in and style moustache while the wax is still warm.

To apply Olde Country wax, simply scrape a small portion onto your thumbnail or pick scraper and rub between fingers to apply before warming! *Scrub lightly with warm soapy water to remove. Ingredients: Lanolin, Bees Wax, Pine Gum Rosin, and Jojoba Oil (in olde country wax only)

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Package Dimensions: 5.4 x 4.0 x 0.7 inches