Seven Potions Firm Beard Brush - 100% Boar Bristles & Pear Wood.

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Brand: Seven Potions


  • THE LAST BRUSH TO BUY: A beard brush made of 100% first-cut boar bristles in pear wood body.
  • TAME YOUR BEARD: The boar bristles are stiff enough with the proper density to tame the most unruly beard.
  • MAKES YOUR BEARD SOFT: The natural bristles carry the natural oils of your skin and facial hair and keep your beard soft and healthy.
  • CLEANS AND EXFOLIATES: No matter if you wash your beard, use the brush to get rid of beard dundruff and impurities.
  • QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE: The pear wood body and the great backbone of boar bristles allow for excellent grip and outstanding performance.

Publisher: Seven Potions

Details: Be victorious in the beard grooming battle, this boar bristle brush is your unmatched secret weapon. No beard stands a chance at being unkempt or dissolved with this expertly designed brush in your hand. Made of 100% natural wild boar bristles and an oval Pear wood body, it is designed with an ideal shape that will fit in the palm of your hand perfectly. Boasting first cut bristles that are stiff with just the right amount of flex; this brush expertly untangles your whiskers without any pulling. Effortless facial hair grooming is on your horizon. With the right amount of space between each bristle, it seamlessly glides through your beard no matter its growth or thickness. Ideal for men who like simple beard tidying techniques, this brush delivers you tangle free hair while also cleaning and softening. With each stroke, the boar hairs work to carry your skin's natural oil called Sebum from root to tip. They also work to lift and remove any dirt as well as grim from your hair. This process leaves your beard prize winningly shiny and clean. To further increase the benefits of this brush, your skin is effectively exfoliated due to the process of dispersing its natural oils. The benefits do not stop there; this is a beard battle tool that keeps you triumphantly winning. On top of brushing, cleaning and softening this brush is ideally used in the proper application of balms and oils. Never have clumps of balm in your beard or unoiled spots of hair. Use this 100% natural brush when applying your favorite Seven Potions products and evenly reach every inch of your beard. When you are armed with this brush, no product will ever go to waste and your hair will always look as well as feel amazing. BEWARE of counterfeits. Seven Potions products are sold ONLY under The Seven Potions name.

UPC: 611553849581

EAN: 611553849581

Package Dimensions: 4.2 x 2.3 x 1.8 inches

Type: Brush