100% Money Back Guarantee Return & Refund Policy

Feel Confident in Your Purchase!

We take pride in the quality grooming products and service we provide to customers like yourself!

If at any time you are not happy with your purchase FOR ANY REASON, simply contact us within 90 days of your purchase, provide us with your order receipt or order number, and we'll give you a 100% Money Back, Hassle Free Refund!

*Note - Refunds are for regular beard care products only, and do not apply to "sample pack" orders. Refunds may take up to 10 business days to process...

Returns Process:

  1. Contact us via email at: info@vintagegrooming.com or via phone at: 719-428-1900 with your order number or receipt.
  2. State whether you would like an exchange or refund
  3. We will approve your item for return, and you can send the item to:
The Vintage Grooming Company
4650 N. Nevada Ave, Suite A
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

    Refund Process:

    1. You will receive a confirmation email when we receive the item back
    2. We will issue a full refund plus original shipping costs within 10 business days after the item is received in our warehouse.
    3. You will receive an email confirmation once your refund has processed!

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