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The Vintage Grooming Company, founded in 2014

Since its start in 2014, The Vintage Beard Company has stuck to its trusted values and original mission to serve customers across the U.S. and beyond. Owner, Derwood Willhite, and co-owner and wife, Megan, initially brought the idea to life inside their Colorado home using all-natural products and ingredients.
After years spent dedicated to a clean-shaven face while serving in the U.S. Army, Derwood personally knew what it was like to deal with frequent razor burn. To avoid the problem, his thought process was to just grow out a wicked beard and throw out the razor all-together. This came with it, however, other issues. Issues that opened a door into a whole new question…why aren’t there more all-natural mens grooming products for sensitive skin on the market?

With Megan’s passion to create handcrafted items and Derwood’s love for entrepreneurship and marketing, the two made it their mission to educate men about the benefits of taking care of their facial hair with natural products. Within months, the pair became the first of very few to open an online store with a small beard care and mustache product line.
(Photo Courtesy: BRIENNE BOORTZ - Colorado Springs Independent)
From home, they began handcrafting and selling their unique products online, eventually growing to the point of opening a brick and mortar store in the heart of Colorado Springs and shipping around the USA. Over a few months, the Willhite's turned the location into a spot for the community to come and embrace their products, all while feeling welcomed and valued. To this day, the pair understands the importance behind a handshake backed behind a 100% money back guarantee.
In early 2016, the Willhites perfected their craft and rebranded the company to Vintage Grooming. It was then, they decided to dedicate their time to solely selling their products to customers online all across the USA as well as reaching people across multiple countries in North America, Europe and beyond. That means shaving products, beard oils, moustache wax, and more have evolved into the company product line since this time. The all-natural products can also be found inside multiple barbershops, salons, and gift shops across the United States and worldwide.
The Vintage Grooming product line expands across the men’s grooming category and now includes hair and shaving products, razors, and even eyebrow maintaining sticks. They have also made it a goal to educate the public on men’s grooming through a series of blogs and other educational videos you can find right here on this website.
Today, Vintage Grooming Co. is now headquartered in the small mountain town of Woodland Park, CO supporting it's recent growth in eCommerce and wholesale. This has forced the company to add several new team members help continue growing the mountain based operation into a nationally trusted brand! The company and products also have attracted media attention, making headlines in local papers like The Gazette and The Colorado Independent. (You can read more about the company's background by clicking the links).

Vintage Lives Forever!

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