Sensitive Skin Irritation Issues

Our product line was built with sensitive skin and irritation in mind. In most cases, skin irritation and sensitivity issues to products are caused by harmful chemicals and fragrance oils that manufactures use.

We take pride in steering away from such ingredients that cause these issues and stick with mostly plant based all-natural ingredients. We strive to always order Organic Certified ingredients when available from our distributors.

The majority of our products include ingredients that are known to help with dry skin, dandruff, razor burn, and conditioning.

While 99% of the time our products will never cause any issues when used, please do take genetics and allergies into consideration when using these products. If you are allergic to bees, honey, or other plants, please check the full list of ingredients before purchasing.

Watch this short video below for a few more short answers regarding our oils, balms, and other product ingredients with your facial hair and skin: