What is the difference in Shaving Soap vs Oil?

Shaving Soap typically comes in a round puck form and requires you to lather the soap with a brush, or your hands, before applying to the face before shaving. The benefits to using a good shave soap opposed to canned cream is that your puck will last longer, provide a smoother glide, and healthier feel to your skin and facial hair.

Shaving Oil is a clear and a non-greasy all-natural oil that you can use prior, during, or after a shave. While it has many of the same benefits to shaving soap, you can also soften the hairs prior to shaving or use it as a clear shaving aid instead of soap or cream to see what you are doing to achieve a smooth glide.

The non-abrasive all natural ingredients soak into the skin and hair within 10 minutes or so to use as and eliminate the need for additional aftershave!