Will Your Products Help My Beard Grow?

To get straight to the point, we do not handcraft miracle beard growth products. Any facial hair growth product that claims to do this tends to typically include harmful chemicals and other ingredients that can cause side effects to both your hair and skin that counter the growth efforts...

What do your beard products do then?
Well, there are many types of beards products. If you are referring to our Beard Oil and Beard Balms, then they help you have a softer and healthier beard. We use only a few quality all-natural (mostly plant based) ingredients in the mens grooming products we handcraft here in the Rocky Mountains!

If you are looking to freshen up the beard, then we offer scented options for both our oils and balms as well. Click Here to shop all of our beard care products!

Is there more than just beard products?

Yes! We craft all-natural shaving soaps, mustache waxes, hair styling pomade and soaps. Click Here to shop our full product line now!