Moustache Care Gift Set by Vintage Grooming Co. (White - Vintage Grooming Logo)

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Brand: The Vintage Grooming Company

Color: White - Vintage Grooming Logo


  • (1) Death Grip Moustache Wax - Strong Styling Hold, 1oz
  • (1 ) Sudden Death Moustache Wax - Medium Hold, 1 oz.
  • (2) Custom Scraper picks
  • (1) Custom Death Grip Moustache Comb 4.25 in. long 1in. high
  • (1) Vintage Grooming Sticker 3 in.

Part Number: CWE1963


DEATH GRIP EXTRA STRONG HOLD Moustache Wax is our serious, Award Winning (Extra Tacky) Competition Grade, mustache styling wax to keep those handlebars styled throughout the entire day! When we say "strong", we really mean EXTRA STRONG (heat source or hair dryer needed to apply). If applied properly you won't have to concern with applying more throughout the day. This wax will even hold thru the night and act as a great medium hold wax the following day with no further application necessary if you don't wash it out!

SUDDEN DEATH - "SERIOUSLY SUDDEN DEATH" The Mustache Wax You Want On The Go - Fast - Strong - On Point - Easy application. NO hairdryer or a heat source is necessary to warm the Sudden Death mustache wax
. Just like the name, it's SUDDEN use with a strong hold that won't disappoint.

STRONG HOLD - Our Sudden Death wax has a pliable semi-sticky tacky feel that holds those unruly stashe whiskers in place for ALL DAY.

 LASTS A LONG TIME Both Death Grip and Sudden Death mustache wax are known to last! some of our customers report 6 to 8 months of daily usage. Perfect for men grooming brown, black, grey or white handlebar mustaches.

MADE IN THE USA Our handcrafted 100% all-natural & cruelty-free ingredients are safe on your skin & completely chemical-free. 
Our products are produced in Woodland Park, Colorado USA!

CUSTOM DEATH GRIP COMB This comb is handmade and made of stainless steel. It has some of the finest teeth spacing on the planet. It’s 4.25” long. Fits right under your nose! It’s less than 1” high and lets your thumb rest to the outside of the teeth. Warm it with your hair dryer or under warm water and spread your moustache wax with complete ease!!! Let’s see wood or plastic do that.

Being able to warm it with a hair dryer also makes for easy cleaning. Simply heat the comb with a hair dryer and wipe with a paper towel.

SCRAPER PICKS 1 Brass Death Grip Pick, 1 White Death Grip Pick, 1 Sudden Death Pick.



Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.1 x 1.0 inches

Type: Unknown Type