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Does your straight razor need honing (sharpening)? If you aren't sure how to sharpen or just don't have the time, then Vintage Grooming Co. is here to help! We offer a convenient professional sharpening service with quality, hand-crafted perfection, guaranteed. We have made it convenient for you to send us your blade to service from anywhere in the USA! If you're in the Colorado Springs area, then you can also drop your blade off with us at our main store.

*Please review all of the information in this listing before purchasing this honing service. **Service fee will be $30 per blade, so please ensure you add one product to cart for each blade you are sending so that we may collect the proper details of each blade below.


We can work on a variety of antique, new, and used blades so long as it was made by a reputable manufacturer.

If you have any questions or doubts as to the quality, condition, or hone-ability of your blade, then please email us first at or contact us by phone during regular business hours at 719-428-1900 with any questions or concerns before purchasing this service and sending us your blade(s).

Our on-site sharpening expert will thoroughly inspect your blade for warpage, quality of bevel set, and for general wear and tear.  Before honing, if there is any potential harmful rust on the surface, we will notify you to see how you'd like to proceed.

Normal small dings, chips, and uneven wear could require some slight reshaping. Only the minimum amount of material will be removed to accomplish a proper edge for your blade.

Your straight razor will be honed and stropped on high quality natural oil stones and leather.

Once it passes our tests for sharpness and balance, it will be sanitized, oiled, then carefully packed for return shipping back to you.

*Note - Our on-site sharpening specialist will do his best to fully research and match any suggested honing practices of the original manufacturer (when applicable). 

Instructions to Send & Receive Your Blade:

  1. Ensure your blade is dry (apply a light coat of oil if possible)
  2. Wrap with bubble wrap to extra cushion the razor to ensure safe shipping
  3. Print and send your email receipt with razor for faster in-processing
  4. Ship your razor in a small padded envelope or box to us at:
    The Vintage Grooming Co
    4650 N. Nevada Ave Suite A
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918
  5. Please select which shipping method you prefer us to send your blade back with, as return shipping (whether FREE or NOT) for the service you want your blade returned must be paid during your online purchase of this service today. If you are local, then you may also select free "in-store pickup" during checkout.
  6. Your razor will be in our shop for about 3-5 business days, and upon completion of service you will receive notification via email with your confirmation and tracking number once your blade in back en-route to you.
  7. If you are ordering products with your honing service, your products will ship out right away while we wait for your blade to arrive. If you would like us to hold your products for deliver when we return your blade, then please specify in the "notes" section during checkout.

Shipping Terms

FREE Return Shipping to you within the USA included in this service. Expedited, International, and In-Store pickup / drop off also available!

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