New Exciting Company Changes Coming!

April 30, 2016 1 Comment

Vintage Grooming Company
We're excited to announce a few fun changes!
Over the coming days you will begin to notice that we are swapping the word "Beard" in our company name to "Grooming". The ownership, beard products, and services that you have come to know and love WILL remain the same! Some of the changes you will see in the coming days will include: an expanded men's care product line, a new vintage look, and a more convenient experience online and in-store! We appreciate your ongoing support for our company, and we look forward to providing you with great products and service for many years to come!
-Derwood & Megan (Owners)

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David Milmine
David Milmine

June 08, 2016

LOVING the sound of your products …. there are beard products up here in Canada BUT they are very limited to some of the bigger companies that mass produce their products … so when I was working on my Pinterest account (where I have a Daves Beards board) and saw some things from your company … I found your products … I have put an order in today and am really looking forward to getting them to help maintain my beard …

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