Night Owl™ Balm - Talking Beards with Chris & Lou

August 25, 2016 1 Comment

Night Owl™ Balm - Talking Beards with Chris & Lou

Recently we have began working with award winning 103.9 RXP radio here in Colorado Springs to help educate our local market on beard care. Mr. Lou and Mr. Chris down at the station are both men of facial hair and are proud to endorse our products in the new Talking Beards with Chris and Lou weekly segment.

We are now going to be offering these short, fun, and quirky commercial segments as a streaming video thru our new Youtube channel and here on our blog!

So check back weekly for more fun segments like this on on our Night Owl™ Beard Balm!

Checkout & Listen to RXP Radio Online!
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K. Garland
K. Garland

August 25, 2016

No kidding when they say leaves the hands as smooth as a babies butt!

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