3 Benefits of Beard Balm

by Vintage Grooming™ April 13, 2019 2 Comments

Looking for a good reason to start using beard balm? Maybe you're ready to make your first beard care purchase or simply switch from from your old Beard Oil routine to test a new Beard Balm... Either way, this short article will help guide you to a quick understanding of the three main benefits of beard balm and how to apply it.

#1 - Soft & Conditioning

Who wants a rough and itchy beard? Simply choose a quality beard balm with all-natural ingredients to help keep your facial hair soft and conditioned throughout the day. If you're kissing on a a special someone, then we be they'll thank you as well!

#2 - Tames the Beard

A good balm should use some bees wax to help add a little weight to your beard. This particular ingredient helps lay down the stray hairs for a more naturally groomed and tame look. You will also find that your comb or brush will glide through the hair more smoothly once you apply a little balm first.

#3 - Keeps It Healthy

Many gentlemen tend to counter their beard growth by using cheap soaps and taking too hot of showers, which both can strip the natural oils from your facial hair. We combat issues like Dead Ends, Split Ends, Dandruff and other issues that are results from cheap products and poor maintenance. We do this by using select healthy and hydrating ingredients like Shea Butter, Bees Wax and Coconut Oil in our Night Owl Beard Balm.

How to Apply Beard Balm

You don't want to use too much balm and always should ensure you melt and apply it properly, so take 30 seconds to watch this quick video below on How to Apply Beard Balm

Final Tip

There's a rumor flying around that you need both Beard Balm and Beard Oil for your grooming routine. This simply is not true! A quality beard balm should act as a leave-in-conditioner just like beard oil, along with the additional benefit of taming the hairs. You may also notice a less mess in the bathroom using a balm instead of beard oil as well.


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