Top 4 Vintage Hats for Men

by Vintage Grooming™ August 10, 2019

Are you ready to add a taste of Vintage style to your hat collection and wardrobe? If you are new to vintage fashion then finding the right type of hat to fit your style and wardrobe can be tough... Custom fitted or designer hats can be quite costly, so why not try out a nice starter hat or two before going all-in?

There are a variety traditional style hats and caps that men have worn throughout history but to keep it easy for you to start, you can consider our Top 4 list of Vintage Hats for men we found on Amazon to help you find an affordable starting point!

1. Homburg Hat

The Homburg hat is the most popular Gangster style hat on the market for nearly a century now. Fashion consultants suggested Homburg for the full face gentlemen: “A Homburg, because its weight will help to balance his large physic. The crown at the base should be as big around as his own facial circumference, and instead of being folded to a pointed line at the top, it should be blunted, to help square the circle. This type of hat will, by its nature, A Homburg, with a blunted crown and a fair-sized width will help the full face and jaw have a brim of sufficient width to give balance to Bill’s face. Bill ought to tilt his hat a bit; if it is worn at an angle it will help to neutralize facial rotundity. Put him in a hat like this, worn with a certain dash.” Men Too Wear Clothes, 1939,  Dorothy Stote

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2. Bowler / Derby Hat

The bowler hat offers a Tall and Round crown that offers a traditional style sure to fit any vintage themed occasion. These hats have always been known to look good with most types of facial structure as well!

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3. Fedora

One of the more popular hats during the 1930s and 1940s was the fur felt Fedora. Popular in Hollywood movies of that time where both Gangsters and Detectives alike were found sporting these hats on the big screen!

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4. Gatsby Newsboy Cap

While there are variety of types of "newsboy" style caps, the origins of this traditional style below appear to be a combination of the 14th Century Italian/Scots 'Bonnet' style, and the Irish Flat Cap worn by Irish Farmers and working men of 14th Century Ireland. These style caps were also a staple of the famous Peaky Blinders gang.

While these caps tend to be more casual, they can look great with suspenders, vests, and more!

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