What is Beard Oil and How to Use It?

by Vintage Grooming™ January 15, 2015 3 Comments

Love Your Beard!

In mid-2014, The New York Times declared that facial hair is now fashionable, even though many of us could have filled in the NY Times on that secret years ago! Some of us have had our beards for years or even decades, while many of you are just now sprouting your first whiskers.

Until recently, there have not been many options on the market for men’s beard care products. More and more men are starting to grow beards now, and if this bearded train is to continue on a trending path, then you will need to grasp a better understanding beard oil, where to buy it, and how to use it!

Many bearded gentlemen (even the old beardsmen) are not aware of the types of products necessary for taming those wild whiskers! In this article, we will discuss the benefits of beard oil and how to apply it. No matter the length, we all need beard oil!

Many gents do not believe they need to use any products in their beard at all. That is perfectly fine if you live 100 miles deep in the Alaskan wilderness, but for most of us, we need to be somewhat presentable for business and social settings. The good news is that with quality beard oil you can achieve a healthier, conditioned, and tame looking beard on a daily basis with about 1-2 minutes of your time! Our beard oil line at Vintage Grooming™ is full of wonderful select natural oils that provide your hair with beneficial nutrients, vitamins, and masculine scents!

Beard oil hydrates, conditions, and tames your whiskers!

A well-kept beard should have a nice shiny tame look, and just remember that your beard should not look dry, shaggy/wild, or have dandruff. The natural oils used in our beard oil were carefully selected and blended to help your beard achieve a more healthy and hydrated beard!

When you apply our beard oil evenly throughout the beard, you can then style your facial hair with a comb to achieve that soft, manly, and tame style your beard (or spouse) has always begged you for! Having facial hair that is soft and scented with a manly aroma can also work wonders in any romantic situation you may find yourself in…

When to apply beard oil & how often?

We highly suggest making the application of beard oil part of your daily routine. At a minimum, go ahead and rub in your favorite scent of beard oil after your morning shower or face washing. The warm water during the washing process should help open up the hair follicles and pores so that the oil may be more easily absorbed into the hair and skin. Here at Vintage, our ingredients are also great for the skin under those whiskers! The oils should not clog pores and are wonderful for men who live in more dry and cold climates.

Remember that every beard is different: Some men live in dry climates, some have dandruff, and some may just need to lay down some crazy wild whiskers. The morning application of our oils should work just fine for men seeking normal beard care. If your facial hair tends to be dry due to your climate or genetics, then you may want to rub a touch more into your beard before you head out for a night on the town!

How much should I put in, you ask?

Do you have a beard down to your belly? Do you have thick stubble? Or are you just a mustache kind of guy? Honestly, every beard is different so how much you apply will depend on how big or small your beard is… For most men, a few drops rubbed into your hands and then thoroughly massaged into the beard should be just fine. With that said, a 1 ounce bottle of beard oil can normally last anywhere from 1-3 months for men with average sized beards.

Take a moment to watch our short 1 minute video on how to apply beard oil.


Not only will you look better, you will smell better!

It is time to stop wasting money on cologne that wears off in 2 hours! Our beard oil not only conditions and tames, it leaves you smelling like a real man should. The ingredients we use also included a blend of natural and cruelty-free essential oils that acts as a natural cologne and is guaranteed to impress those around you!

Some good examples include our Classic Spice scent that gives a fresh morning citrus burst that mellows into a warm spice throughout the day, along with our Wildwood scent that leaves your beard smelling like a lumberjack who just got back from chopping down trees all day! Some beard oils on the market like our Barber's Choice oil are also naturally wonderful and soothing as an after shave!


The last thing we'd would like to bring up is facial hair growth. We selected natural oils for our ingredients that are known, around the hair industry, to help hair and follicles. While we are not making any miracle hair growth claims, many people that use our oils regularly do develop a fuller beard. This is mainly due to a combination of regular application, the nutrients and vitamins the oils provide, along with proper grooming. Just remember that one type of oil may help some men achieve better growth and others not, but the best thing is to find what works best for you and stick with it!


Take care of that beard, find a beard oil that suits your needs, then wake up every morning and tame those wild whiskers!

Vintage Grooming™
Vintage Grooming™


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The gentlemen's beard oil reviews are very inspiring. The users are happy and satisfied with the products. They got new level of confidence on their every day activities. https://polishedgentlemanclub.com/
The gentlemen's beard oil reviews are very inspiring. The users are happy and satisfied with the products. They got new level of confidence on their every day activities. https://polishedgentlemanclub.com/

November 15, 2021

The gentlemen’s beard oil reviews are very inspiring. The users are happy and satisfied with the products. They got new level of confidence on their every day activities.

the gentlemen's beard oil review
the gentlemen's beard oil review

November 13, 2021

The very first time I used these products there was a noticeable difference in the way my hair felt. It felt silky and a little thicker. I bought it because my hair is starting to thin due to chemotherapy and immunotherapy this past year. I am starting my second round of both so I am hoping it will help keep my hair in better shape.


July 14, 2017

Very, Very good. Thank You

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