The First Things Women Notice About You

April 04, 2017

The First Things Women Notice About You

Worried about your clothes or personality when approaching a lovely lady? Well you may want to consider your facial hair moving to the top of the priority list when preparing to ask someone on a hot date. When it comes to beards, size doesn't matter... It's more about whether or not your beard is clean kept and styled in a way that matches your personality.

With that being said, we wanted to share this great article written by lady for gentlemen like yourself!

The First Things Women Notice About You:

When trying to secure a first date you may not have a lot of time to get to know the girl, be it on the train, at the bar or in a coffee shop, there is an unspoken time limit. Most women will decide if the guy gets a date in the first 5 minutes and unless you have the personality of prince charming we will be judging most of it by the way you look and they way you present yourself; and boy oh boy do we women know how to judge. The trick is to look after yourself and more importantly look after the features that we are drawn into judging you by.

Read the full article by Ape to Gentleman: CLICK HERE!

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