Bearded Politicians

by Vintage Grooming™ May 30, 2015 3 Comments

Political leaders in the U.S. should be ashamed for their lack of facial hair! For centuries beards have been viewed in most cultures as a sign of wisdom and manhood. History has proven over and over again that bearded men tend to be the ones worthy of high social and political power.

A clean, kept, beard is proven to show individual character and set a face apart in a crowd. Over the past 75 years or so beards have slowly faded in U.S. politics, and the modern leaders and media of this great nation have taken the liberty to evolve into slick, clean shaven, tough to to trust baby faces…

Many of the great American leaders we studied about in history class, such as: Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Benjamin Harrison, and James Garfield were all powerful beardsmen who had no issue in gaining the respect and support of their people with impressive well-kept whiskers on their faces.

In today’s top political positions, less than 5% of our leaders have facial hair worth mentioning. Since the 1950’s the media has played a large role in portraying bearded men as “un-classy”, and until recently our society has limited beards to only lumberjacks, grungy musicians, bikers, and duck call making rednecks.

Over the past few years though, beards have finally started inching back upwards in the approval ratings of our American culture! Now everywhere we look there are fine well-groomed beards of all shapes and sizes. With beards finally starting to trend again, you will now see investors, CEO’s, salesmen, and corporate executives sporting classy, well-kept, beards in custom tailored suits.

And best of all… THE LADIES LOVE IT! So why the lack of beards in politics? Honestly, there are no clear answers as to why politicians are not jumping on the beard wagon (we will update this paragraph if there is ever a clear reason provided).

Everyone hates those sneaky, clean shaven politicians who always seem like they are up to no good. It’s time to start voting on men who speak with wisdom (not lies to win your vote) and demand respect through action. Presidents, kings, and other leaders have made their marks in history and did not let growing a beard stand in their way.

It seems our political leaders are too concerned with trying to portray a “pretty boy” image for the media. Do you think President Lincoln gave a damn about what others thought of his beard? America needs leaders that are not scared to be men, leaders who don’t worry about what the media thinks of their image…

We ask you stand up for your hairy rights and elect responsible leaders that won’t waste time shaving their faces and will spend their time making this world a better place!

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