3 Easy Tools to Scrape Mustache Wax

by Vintage Grooming™ March 03, 2018 1 Comment

So you’ve purchased your first tin of mustache wax and are looking for a creative way to scrape and warm that waxy goodness... It is important not to over apply mustache wax so that your hairs keep a natural look and that you don’t waste your money burning through product. Finding a handy tool to scrape out the perfect amount of wax with may take a little trial and error, as wax consistency and mustache size may vary. To help get you started, simply read this short guide and watch the quick video demonstration at the end!

The Guitar Pick

Many gents simply warm their wax by rubbing it between their fingers so it applies easily without pulling out the hairs. If you are using a strong hold wax, you may find that a simple guitar pick can speed up your styling routine by helping control the mess. Just head down to your local music store and ask for a “thick or firm guitar pick”, and for less than $1 you will be in wax scraping business! A guitar pick is also easy to wash the sticky mess off by using warm/hot soapy water after every couple of uses.

The Trusty Thumb Nail

Using the back of your thumbnail, simply scrape a small amount of wax onto the nail and then use your index finger to swipe it to the front for warming between your fingers! Normally warm water will wash your fingers off just fine, but you may still need to clean beneath your thumbnail more frequently if you only use this method due to the sticky residue attracting more dirt under the nail. 

Credit / Debit Card

Don’t want wax stuck in your thumbnail? Or maybe you’re just looking for something free around the house to use... Simply grab an old credit or gift card and use the corner edge of the card as you would the tip of a guitar pick to scrape your wax. Like a guitar pick, it will also be easy to wash the sticky off with warm/hot water or to just grab another old card when it wears out. 

*Bonus Tip - Warming the Wax

Light and medium waxes are normally warmed and applied by rubbing and warming between your fingers. If your wax is too firm or a strong hold then you can try methods like using a blow-dryer to warm the wax for 5 seconds or by leaving it in the sunlight on your car dashboard to keep the wax nice and soft and always ready for use! 

**Remember, firm/strong waxes are much sticker and you definitely want to use scraping tool rather than just your fingers.

Watch this short video demonstration on how to use the 3 above scraping tools:

Vintage Grooming™
Vintage Grooming™


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John Holme
John Holme

March 03, 2018

I use a firm-bristle toothbrush with both my Olde Country and Death Grip wax varietals. Spread the wax and comb the stache with one easy stroke!

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