3 Health Benefits to Growing a Beard

by Vintage Grooming™ January 28, 2018 3 Comments

Have you ever wondered why men grow facial hair? Some do it just to aggravate their wives or bosses. Historically, beards have evolved into human genetics for a variety of reasons. In this short article you will find a few short benefits (or excuses) to consider the next time you are faced with whether to grow, keep, or shave off those glorious whiskers.

Helps Prevent Acne

Maintaining a simple beard can protect your skin and follicles from exposure to bacteria and dirt. When shaving the face, the razors men typically use tend to expose the pores and skin to harmful bacteria. Each time a man shaves his face, he is opening the follicles and allowing an opportunity for clogging and other skin damage.

If you grow and beard and still need to shave your neck, then we recommend using natural shaving soaps or shave oils to help exfoliate and condition the skin. Cheap shaving creams, full of chemicals, do more damage than good in the realms of skincare. So always choose quality natural options when you do have to shave.

Blocks the Sun to Beat the Heat

There is a big misconception this day in age that beards are too hot in the summer and should be trimmed or shaved off during the warmer months. A simple hat with even a small amount of facial hair has been proven to protect the skin on your face from harmful sun-rays that are known to cause skin cancer.

Did you know that even when you sweat, during the summer, a combination of the moisture from sweat and a light breeze can act as a swamp cooler in your beard? This can keep your neck and face much cooler than letting the hot sun burn your bare skin…

Protects the Face & Neck from bad Weather

Before modern times, facial hair was needed to help humans combat and protect against the outside elements people lived in. Our facial hair acts as a barrier from the cold, snow, dust, and other debris caused by severe weather. The mustache and hair around your lips is somewhat of a natural “screen” that keeps debris out of your nose and mouth.

A beard not only can help keep you warmer in the winter, it also helps prevent the frosty air from sucking the natural oils from the skin on your face. The same can happen to facial hair in the winter, but this is much easier to prevent and rejuvenate through routine application of a good beard oil or balm

In Conclusion

Some may argue the lack of aesthetics, or beauty, surrounding your beard as you embark on growing your facial hair. The natural elements and urges men are surround with daily will always trump the menial, society-based, reasons for not growing out your beard. You can take pride though knowing that some light routine maintenance and knowledge is all you need to protect your beard while also helping you feel and look your best!


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Hickory Taylor
Hickory Taylor

January 29, 2018

I used to work for the government. For years my bosses allowed my beard. It was well kempt, wasn’t unprofessional looking and was just a good beard. Then came a time when a new boss showed up and he rewrote the facial hair and clothing regulations for the employees. Women were held to standard of the local business community and their policy was about 2 paragraphs long. Men however had 2 pages of single spaced bullsquat to include max length of mustache and outlawing side seamed pants (Docker style) I compared the two policies. Men were forced to be completely shaved, mustaches to smile lines, sideburns to bottom of inner ear opening. Women weren’t held to any standards near what the men were so I fired up my computer and wrote an EEO complaint in that men were forced for appearances to shave naturally occurring hair growth off of their faces while women were not forced to shave their legs which also had naturally occurring hair growth. Of course I was laughing my hind end off when I hit send, but not long afterwards I got a phone call from the EEO office saying I had a point and would I like their help? Oh heck yea I would, they negotiated an agreement for a 1 inch beard :) The idiot boss left not long after and the beard issues left with his naked mole rat face.

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