3 Things You Need for No-Shave November

by Vintage Grooming™ October 13, 2018

The big month is just around the corner and mens whiskers will soon begin to sprout all around the world in support of No-Shave November! Whether you're a newbie or a No-Shave veteran, the good news is that you don’t need a billion tools or products to survive the short 30 day period. The following is our list of 3 products you should consider this November!

First, let’s not forget that the No-Shave cause is not your month long excuse to rock a garage band beard at the office. Over at No-Shave.org you can learn that the concept of this cause “is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. [You] can donate the money you typically spend on shaving and grooming to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle.”

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Click the above image from No-Shave.org to learn more or donate!

#1 - Beard Wash

Yes, that’s right the number one product you need for a successful No-Shave month isn’t beard oil, balm, butter, etc.. You will want to get your hands on a good bar of all-natural soap or shampoo right away to help keep your facial hair both clean and fresh! No you don’t need a variety of soap, shampoo, and conditioners so long you stay away from cheap compressed detergent soaps from the grocery store that dry out your beard and make it itchy!

*Tip - one good bar of conditioning soap or shampoo should help keep your beard healthier and from needing beard oil or balm as often!

#2 - Beard Oil and/or Balm

Don’t worry, we’re not here to sell you on needing to use both like some companies do. The truth is that either or can benefit your beard in the ways of conditioning, helping with itch, and providing healthier growth! The only additional benefit to a good beard balm over a good beard oil should be that balm can help add weight to the hair for a more groomed and tame look.

*Tip - do your re-search first and stay far away from balms and oils that leave your beard looking greasy or wet (typically with water and petroleum in the ingredients). As you don’t want your beard to freeze-up and dry out faster in the cold air this fall!

#3 - Mustache Wax

If you truly want to embrace the No-Shave cause then you must let it all grow and flow, including the whiskers on your lip! The good news is that one tin of medium hold mustache wax should last you the entire month and some. Once those hairs start to come over your lip it is time to start putting in a small amount of wax to keep the food out of the hairs and the hairs out of the mouth to prevent chewing off your newborn stache.

*Tip - Try to steer away from petroleum and fragrances used in mustache waxes. They both can cause irritation and the aromas tend to be too strong under the nose…

Honorable Mentions

The above are just a few of the simple things to help ease your wallet for a fun No-Shave November. If you want to look your best throughout the month or maybe even keep growing it out into the winter, then you may want to consider the following honorable mentions in your grooming routing:

  • Pocket Comb - If you are subjected to a dress code at work or picky spouse then you might not want to look like you woke up in a cave this morning! Grab yourself a quality pocket comb to keep your beard in check throughout the day.
    *Tip - stay away from cheap plastic combs, as they tend to tug and rip the hairs causing more damage than good.
  • Trimming Scissors (5-7 inch) - Many guys make the mistake of taking electric trimmers to their beards and in one wrong move you can ruin a glorious beard and need to start over.
    *Tip - go slow and trim as you grow!

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