Q&A - Strong vs Medium Moustache Wax

September 05, 2015 1 Comment

Q&A - Strong vs Medium Moustache Wax

Contemplating the differences in strong versus medium hold moustache wax? Then checkout these short Q&A's below of common questions we hear from new customers and mustache enthusiasts from around the country.

I typically use a medium hold wax by another company and though it works well, sometimes I find that it doesn't hold my mustache in place the way I like it, do you have any tips or tricks?

Quality medium hold waxes should help groom and tame the hairs to keep them off of your lips. Easy, quick application in the mornings to keep the food out of the hair and the hair out of the mouth should be of priority when considering a medium hold.

We're not sure about other brands in particular, but we developed our Olde Country medium hold wax for general daily grooming purposes. A good medium hold wax made from natural ingredients should work and comb into the moustache gently and not be so firm that it rips your hairs out. 

How do I grow a healthy and even mustache?

Not chewing on the stache and keeping the hair out of the mouth is key to growing a full, even, non-stinky mustache and you can bet a good medium wax will do the trick in assisting you on your hairy journey!

Also, using quality, all-natural, plant based beard oils or balm before bed can help nourish your moustache for fuller and healthier growth.

Is applying mustache wax messy and hard to do?

If you are just using a regular to medium hold wax for daily grooming, it definitely should be an easy process and rinse of the fingers with some warm water. Below is a short 1 minute video that shows how quick and easy applying a medium hold should be.


Why won't my wax hold up in the summer?

Heat is normally required to mix down the all-natural ingredients in most moustache waxes. So depending how warm and humid your environment is will factor into whether or not you ned to apply a little extra later in the day. During the cooler months though, a good medium hold, like our Olde Country, can even style decent little handlebars!

*Note - Slamming a hamburger or burrito for lunch or working in the 95 degree Texas heat may cause you to need to shape it up a bit midday. You will almost always find better results though using a stronger wax while in hotter environments.

What is strong wax used for?
Mustache enthusiasts that seek strong wax for the stache typically desire to style twirly handlebars and pointy english style tips. Some guys with shorter mustaches not seeking style though do like to spend a little extra time applying a strong wax to ensure their hairs don't fall in the wind on a Harley Davidson or while working in the hot sun.

How Hard Is It To Apply Strong Wax?

To ensure an easy application, you'll likely need to use a blowdryer to warm the top of the wax for a few seconds. This will allow you to scrape a small amount onto your fingers to work into the moustache.

You can simply warm your mustache for a few seconds to let you comb and style the wax in place. If you are not satisfied with your style, then quickly warm the moustache back up with the blowdryer for a few seconds to make it pliable again for shaping.

Here at Vintage Grooming™ we offer an Extra Strong, Competition-Grade wax called "Death Grip". It's for only the serious of mustaches looking for a serious hold. Watch this short 1 minute video below to see if you have what it takes


Why Does My Mustache Wax Stink?

Hmm.... You may want to call the company you purchased it from about that! Here at Vintage we do not add any scent to the all-natural ingredients we use in our waxes. Rosin is one of the base ingredients we use that naturally gives our wax a subtle and fresh pine scent. We suggest not using any wax too strong or stinky, as you don't want to give yourself a headache with it being applied directly underneath your nose.

How Do I Wash Out Mustache Wax?

With product like our medium and strong waxes, we suggest using soap and warm water to gently scrub out the wax while showering. If you are not showering, then simply hit your moustache for a few seconds with a blowdryer and use a fine-tooth mustache comb to comb out the wax.

*Tip - A good extra-strong wax can be worn a 2nd day to hold your whiskers like a medium wax if you decide not to wash it out.

Is Strong Hold Wax More Damaging Than Medium Hold Wax?

If you decide to not use a blowdryer to assist in applying a strong hold like our Death Grip, then you are very likely to rip and damage some hairs. Other than that, if you choose a good quality brand then the natural ingredients should not do any or much damage at all to the hairs if you apply it properly.

The same goes for medium waxes too! Simply check those ingredients and make sure there are no harmful or synthetic chemicals so that you don't do damage to hairs or irritate the skin.

Will mustache wax help my hair grow on my lip?

Well... this can vary dramatically depending on a variety of factors. It the case of most brands the answer is almost always "no" it won't help your hair grow. Here at Vintage, we do add Jojoba Oil into our medium hold Olde Country. This particular plant based ingredient is known to help condition and strengthen hair. Treating your moustache with a quality oil or balm blend can help in a lot of cases.

For some of you, there is no oil, balm, or miracle grow in the industry that can help your whiskers poke through the skin. Some folk just genetically are unable to, and we'd like to offer our condolences for those of you that mother nature says no to in regards to moustache growth...

We invite you to comment below with any further
questions you'd like to see added to this article or future articles on our blog.

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Todd Green
Todd Green

September 18, 2015

Nice info! I purchased your medium hold wax right after reading this and have been enjoying the stache hairs out of my mouth! When it gets longer I may try out the Death Grip. I’m all about some all-natural ingredients, and VBC wax is the best all-natural product I’ve used so far!


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