5 Tips for Your First Straight Razor Shave

by Vintage Grooming™ March 04, 2018

Straight razor shaving brings joy and happiness to a man's life by offering both focus and precision as part of his daily routine. The warm and wet towel sliding over your face opening up your pores, the weight of the steel, the smooth sound produced as the blades cruise through your hair brings a sweet feeling that you can only get when you are shaving with a razor. This is every man’s hobby that is worth your time. It boosts your confidence and offers you self-sustainability. If you want to believe our word, make a move and try it today. Here are some tips to make your first shave a great experience.

1. Get the Right Razor

The most significant mistake that most newbies tend to make is picking the wrong grind for their beard type. Keep in mind that this is the essential tool that will determine how you feel in the end. Don’t go for the cheapest razor but go for the best. Sometimes, the cheap razors end up bringing more trouble since they’ll irritate your skin and cause lots of nicks and cuts which will only annoy you. Pure tempered steel is pricey having been produced from a specialized production process that takes many years to perfect. Do your research before you purchase your razor and you will end up enjoying your first shave.

2. Take a Shower Before You Shave

Taking a shower before you shave is critical since it opens up the pores. This means that your facial hair gets cut down closer to your skin. You can even forego the shaving cream and go for the real deal. Instead of going for the cream which is expensive and can sometimes cause more trouble and skin harm; look for something more traditional to bring you up to the moods. All-natural shave soaps and/or long lasting shave oils are great alternatives to using cheap creams.

3. Consider Doing a Hybrid Razor Shave Complemented with Safety

Just like the other skills, straight razor shaving is all about the muscle. Try to take your first moves slowly since they’re the most critical and start by shaving the easiest sections of your face. Remember the fact that starting with success plays a vital role in establishing the much-needed confidence to proceed. You’ll become frustrated if your first shave isn’t what you expected. Keep the safety razor for the areas around your mouth, under your nose, and for your Adam’s apple. Take things slow and make it enjoyable.

4. Know How to Use your Brush Correctly

There are many health benefits to gain when you use a brush. However, you must learn to use it in properly and correctly to get the best out of it. Make sure you scrub and build foam on your face. The scrubbing typically increases the flow of blood to your face bringing forth white blood cells which accelerate the skin recovery process making you appear younger and healthier. The bristle also removes the dead cells from your facial skin which reduces your risk of acne and ingrown hair.

5. Stropping

Always keep in mind that nothing is supposed to touch the edge of your blade. Any material that comes in contact with it causes more damage than good to your blade. This explains the reason why you need to strop. Stropping involves taking the flat of the blade and running it back and forth on a small piece of taut leather. Be careful to avoid rolling the blade edge since it will require re-honing if you do so. Work out at least 25 strokes, and you're good to go.

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