Beard Maintenance: 37 Beard Experts Share Their Best Tips

by Vintage Grooming™ October 10, 2016 1 Comment

Today, Beard Trimmer Bay featured Vintage Grooming™ co-owner "Derwood" as one of their 37 beard experts in an article about beard maintenance tips from around the industry!

In the article, Derwood advises new beardsmen to:

"Shape and trim those wild whiskers as it grows!

If you just let it grow wild and try to trim it down later, 9/10 times your face will turn into a disaster area if you are inexperienced.

When I started growing my beard after leaving the Army back in 2010, I looked like a poor homeless gent and I had to learn the hard way by whacking my beard off a few times and starting over.

Facial hair can grow uneven, and it's best to use scissors to shape and trim the faster growing areas every 3-4 days as your beard gets bigger."

We'd like to thank Beard Trimmer Bay for the feature!
To read the full article on beard maintenance, CLICK HERE!!

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