History of the Moustache

by Vintage Grooming™ May 09, 2018 4 Comments

Throughout history, the moustache has been embedded in tradition and culture all around the world. Did you know that some of the first fashionable mustaches depicted in time date back to the ancient Egyptians, and around 300 BC Iranian horsemen were some of the earliest known mustaches to roam?

A mustache has always represented a sign of manliness, and this has continued to be a widely accepted viewpoint around the world to this day. We believe that having a mustache, or any facial hair for that matter, is what sets a man apart from other men. This is why men have continued to embrace that soft fur on their lips for centuries and centuries!

Below are a few short fun history facts about the moustache...

The Middle Ages - During medieval times, knights and kings went as far as to have armor crafted to the needs of their moustaches. While formulated styling products were scarce, simple bees wax and other natural solutions had to be utilized.

1600s - It was shortly after the Elizabethan Era during the 17th century, that the English made the moustache a more fashionable trend. The moustache reined during this time period, partially thanks to the famous Beard Tax implemented by Peter the Great.

1800s - Twirling and shaping the mustache became most popular in the 19th century. This created a new demand for waxes, combs, and other fancy grooming tools that started to hit catalogs like Sears & Roebuck.

1920s - Both American and British culture had come to honor the moustache as a symbol of the modern man. This was thanks to various film actors such as Clark Gable and Errol Flynn, as well as the soldiers seen in the parades and newspapers.

1950s - The mustache found a resurgence during this time, as the artist Salvador Dali defined a new look and style that later, in the 21st century was voted the most recognized mustache in history in numerous publications!

1960s - 1970s The beard simply ruled during these decades. Only a brave few dared to rock a stache during these years.

1980s - The moustache rose again in popularity due to TV shows like Magnum PI hit movie Full Metal Jacket that featured some of the most popular staches to hit the big screen.

Early 2000s - Once the 90's creeper mustache faded from our memories, the now famous movement "Movember" was created. What we are referring to is "an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues". This stache boom helped lead the way to a whole new world of facial hair.

Current - Since 2010, the moutache industry has skyrocketed in popularity. A variety of athletes, actors, and musicians successfully have infiltrated the media and influenced our younger society to accept mustaches and facial hair in general. Thanks to the rise in eCommerce, there are now more folks likes us here at Vintage Grooming out there offering an abundance of quality mustache wax products, tools, and education to help assist gentlemen with proper care and maintenance.

Do you have any cool history facts about mustaches? Help us grow and update this list by commenting below or emailing us with your mustache history fact and where you found it, then we'll consider adding it above!

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February 10, 2019

Firefighters use to grow large mustaches to help filter out soot, and smoke before the invention of respirators.


June 13, 2018

Great article, enjoyed the history of the mustache.

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