How Santa Keeps His Beard Soft

December 10, 2016

How Santa Keeps His Beard Soft

Old Saint Nick has always been known for rocking a killer beard throughout history. Have you ever wondered why Mrs. Claus hasn't made him shave it off yet? Here are a few reasons as to how we think Santa keeps his beard soft and healthy:

It's Freaking Cold in the North Pole!
It's always below freezing year-around at the North Pole, and Santa must protect his face from the elements. Did you know that freezing temps below 32 degrees can suck the moisture and natural oils from the beard and face? This can leave your beard dry, itchy, and cause dead ends. We're pretty sure Santa protects his beard from the elements by using quality beard balm and oils!

Good all-natural beard oils should act as a nice leave-in conditioner and not leave any greasy residue behind. We all know Santa never has a greasy beard, you shouldn't either, and that is why we take pride in our non-greasy oils that help keep your beard soft, fresh, and healthy. The natural plant based ingredients we use can mimic the natural oils of the beard and face, and this can be very beneficial in taking care of the beard through the harsh winter elements.

All that flying around the world, one would assume that the wind would blow Santa's beard all around. One must assume then that he uses a great beard balm, such as our Night Owl, to give the beard weight to help tame and shape his wild whiskers! Good beard balm should also provide conditioning benefits to help keep the beard soft and healthy like oils too.

We all know Mrs. Claus needs those smooches too! Kissing a mouth full of firm mustache hairs is the last thing she needs, so you can probably bet that she ensures her man is wearing a nice moustache wax to help keep the hairs out of the mouth, and cookie crumbs out of the hairs! A great natural medium was, such as our Olde Country, can do wonders for daily grooming and keeping the mustache healthy!

It may be great beard care products, or it might just be magic... We can only guess to how Santa's beard stays so soft, but you can bet that when it comes to taking care of your beard that we can provide the best quality products and service in the industry! Do your beard a favor this holiday season and shop our handcrafted beard care products!
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