How Often To Use Beard Oil

March 31, 2017

How Often To Use Beard Oil

A common question we receive daily from our customers is “How often should I apply beard oil?”. There are many factors that come into play when discussing beard oil in general, such as ingredients, climate, size of beard, and quality of the oil. Our suggestions below are just a few of the things you may want to take into consideration for your grooming routine when it comes to how often you may or may not need to apply beard oil.

Use Oil Daily

If your goal is to achieve a healthy and presentable beard, then we’d suggest giving your face blanket a little oily love 5-6 days per week. This can help prevent dead ends, split ends, beard dandruff, and other common problems. Now if you are planning a nice day relaxing at home on the weekend, then go ahead and give both your beard and wallet a rest.

Before or After the Shower?

You definitely need to take shower routine and when you apply beard oil into consideration. Some folks shower in the morning and others in the evening, and we all have heard the argument as to why we should and why we shouldn’t shower daily. We’re not here to give you showering advice, but we do advise that you apply beard oil after you are done washing.

Hot water + cheap soap almost always sucks the moisture out of the beard and skin, and quality beards oils condition and soften the facial hair while also helping retain moisture. Also, we suggest to simply towel dry then slap on and work in the oil before brushing/combing, as it can help decrease tugging and pulling.


Do you live in the hot and humid south or nestled in the cold, dry peaks of the Rocky Mountains? Some folks spend their days outside in the sun or cold, while others work indoors in more controlled environments. Many of these factors along with whether you are naturally dry or not can play a big role in how much or often you need to apply beard oil in a single day. The average fellow, if using quality beard oil, should only need one application in the morning to freshen and soften up the beard for the day.


Over the years, we have seen more and more grooming and beard company’s trying to integrate plant based natural ingredients in their product lines. Using quality concentrated natural ingredients have proven to provide healthier results and ease on the wallet even though priced a bit higher.

Low-grade beard oils tend to have water and synthetic chemicals in them that can be known to thin out the oil causing you to run out and come back to buy more in as little as two weeks, while concentrated plant oils will require less, lasting an average beard roughly 4 weeks.

*Tip - Quality ingredients such as grapeseed and jojoba oils naturally carry antibacterial properties that can help keep your beard clean and fresh between showers.

Size Doesn’t Matter…

The face is the first feature other people look at in social settings, not the hair on your head. Whether you are working on a young scruffy beard or rocking the sea captain look, we always advise giving your beard the same kind of love you would give the hair on your head. Just remember, selecting quality beard oils will always prove to last longer and help any bearded lad achieve healthier and happier results.

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