How to Choose the Right Beard Oil

by Vintage Grooming™ January 14, 2019 6 Comments

Not all beard oils are created equally... If you’re struggling to find the right oil for your facial hair, then look no further. The following article lays out 5 easy tips to help guide you in your next beard oil hunt!


The first, and most important thing, generally overlooked by guys is the ingredients list on their beard products. Just because that label looks awesome or the scent sounds amazing does not mean you are doing your beard any favors. Many cheap and crazy smelling beard products do contain harmful ingredients like fragrance oils and other chemicals that may dry and strip the natural oil from your beard and even irritated the skin underneath.

Always try to use all-natural and plant based beard oils when possible, as you will be doing both your beard and the environment a great favor! Many plant based beard oils should help keep a beard strong, healthy and conditioned. Lookout though, as if you don’t like a greasy/shiny look then check the reviews and stay away from those greasy oils that don't soak in your hair and skin. To combat greasy facial hair, we use Jojoba Oil in our beard products to ensure your beard looks both natural and soft!

*Tip - Know your allergies, check the label and always do a spot test on a small area on the back of your hand before applying to your facial hair.

Hair Type

Is your facial hair coarse, dry, too oily etc..? You will want to consider your hair type when reviewing potential products and their ingredients for your beard. Genetics and such can also play a role in how your skin and hair absorb and react to particular ingredients. So just because one product works for your buddies beard does not mean it is right for yours.

Remember also that it is also very common for the hair on your face to be a different texture than that on your head, so don’t make any assumptions!

*Tip - if you’re unsure about your hair type then visit your local master barber to get a professional opinion!


Choosing the right scent for your beard oil can be both rewarding and disappointing if you are not careful and do your research first. While the idea of your beard smelling like Tobacco, Bay Rum, Birthday Cake etc.. sound fun at first, the truth is that it takes a lot of chemicals to recreate aromas like this in beard products. These fragrances typically smell way too strong under your nose as well, causing potential headaches and room clearing and can also do more damage than good when it comes to keeping your beard healthy.

Do you wear cologne? You definitely don’t want any strong smelling oils with smells that won’t compliment the other colognes and product you enjoy wearing. That is why we stick to all-natural essential oil in our beard oils to create a fresh and subtle aroma.

Are you looking for a healthier and softer beard without all the smell? Then choose a quality Unscented beard oil for your grooming arsenal. Just read the reviews first, as many unscented oils still have other natural aromas you may still smell and not enjoy, and that is why we handcraft a truly unscented beard oil here at Vintage Grooming Co. for our customers!

*Tip - Check or ask if the beard oil brand you are considering offers samples so that you can reviews their product and scents before wasting your hard earned dollars.


Price should not be the first and only thing you consider, but it is a good factor to help guide you towards making the proper oil selection. You’ll likely find that anything priced below $5 /oz will likely be diluted with water, contain chemicals, and barely last a week or so with daily use. If you do your research and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars then many all-natural beard oils in the $9 - $20 price range will suffice and typically should last an average beard through 1 month of normal usage.

There typically is no reason to buy any beard oil that costs over $25 unless you need a particular and rare/hard-to-find ingredient for your particular hair type or genetics. So don’t let the name, scent or brand hype put too big of a dent in your wallet!

*Tip - people see the hair on your face before the hair on your head, so spending $10 - $20 every month or so to keep a healthier and more impressive beard will always be worth the few extra dollars!


Lastly, consider your day-to-day environment before making your next oil selection. Do you live or work in a dry or windy climate? Then you may find that your facial hair tends to dry out more quickly and that you might need to apply more oil later in the day, or switch over to a higher quality and longer-lasting beard oil. Beard dandruff, dry skin, etc.. can also be the effects of the weather and other factors in your immediate surroundings. Hot and humid climates may cause your beard to look too greasy or shiny, so you might try a beard oil made with Jojoba Oil for a non-greasy and conditioning look!

*Tip - never leave your bottle of oil sitting in your car or anywhere in the extreme weather for that matter. Too hot or too cold of weather can cause your beard products to spoil. For best storage, always ensure you keep your bottle safe by the sink or in your office drawer with normal indoor temps of 60-75 degrees.


Still have questions about choosing the right beard oil? Do you have any tips for new beards shopping for oil? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below...

Vintage Grooming™
Vintage Grooming™


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