How to Start a New Grooming Routine

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For most men, forming a new morning ritual can be quite the challenge. Many gentlemen find themselves in a new job or trying to impress a potential, or new, mate when they finally realize that it’s time to change a few morning habits. Maybe you want to start taking the time to use a straight razor, style the perfect pompadour, or simply ensure your beard doesn’t look scraggly; then the following short article can help get you started! 

Keep It Organized

Disorganization is the most common issue, and fastest path to failure, when attempting to form a new morning ritual. Do you know where your scissors and finger nail clippers are located? If not, and you’re counter or medicine cabinet looks like a grenade went off then it’s time to get yourself better organized. Perfection is not key here, simply getting your tools all in one place can be a great start.

Let’s get real though, cleaning up after yourself and putting things back in the same place when you’re heading out the door every morning isn’t how most guys function. Try setting an evening alarm on your phone to help you remember to organize the bathroom counter before bed. Or if you don’t mind a little digging, use a travel bag or a small wooden box on your counter to keep your tools and supplies all in one spot.

Wake Up Earlier

Whether you’re an early bird or like to hit snooze just until 10 minutes prior, waking up just a few minutes earlier can make a huge difference in getting that new habit to stick. Start with setting your alarm just 5 minutes earlier than normal. While most guys will only need 5 or 10 extra minutes to perfect their mornings, some things like learning to straight razor shave or twirl a handlebar mustache may take much longer. Just start small, then every 3-5 days set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier until you find the right time-balance for your mornings.

*Note – while you may need an extra half-hour or so to start out. Most guys find that as their new routine smooths that they soon have an extra 5 or 10 minutes to relax, enjoy some coffee, or beat the morning rush! 

Use Proper Tools & Technique

Are you using a cheap shaving cream that causes hassle with cuts and nicks when you should be using quality shave soap? Maybe that hair gel is a mess in your hands, or those haircutting scissors are too long for a quick beard trim? It is vital to know which tools and how to use them properly to optimize your morning routine. Take the time to educate yourself, like you are now, on the proper tools to get the job done right the first time. 

*Tip – if you don’t have time to research, or are still unsure, go and visit your local master barber. A good barber can help you better understand your hair and skin type along with more personalized grooming tips for your situation.

The Hardest Part

Not giving up. It can take the average person 14 – 60 day to form a new habit, as well as break old ones. If you have a significant other or live with other people, it can be courteous to go ahead and let them know what you are up to. It can also be a good way to get daily support and motivation from those nearest to you. Don’t live with anyone? Then maybe team up with a friend or simply use those alarm clocks to keep yourself on-track!

Good luck with your new habits and if you have any questions or ideas for future topics, then feel free to comment below!

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