Is Winter Killing Your Beard? 4 Quick Tips to Bring it Back to Life!

January 15, 2017 3 Comments

Is Winter Killing Your Beard? 4 Quick Tips to Bring it Back to Life!

It's January, and Old Man Winter has finally settled in. Gentlemen all around are growing their beards in an effort to fight the chill. While having a beard can definitely assist in protecting your face and neck, the long-term effects of winter can still be a struggle for many men. Exposure to cold weather can literally suck the life out of a beard, and below are a few facts and tips to help you bring your beard back to life this winter!

Effects of the Cold on Facial Hair
If you have ever spent more than 15-30 minutes out in below freezing temps, you have probably noticed your facial hair may dry out quickly. The cold weather is the number one culprit for sucking the natural oils and moisture from your hair and skin. This can leave your beard dry, itchy, with dead or split ends which all can lead to poor growth.

If you are noticing any of the above issues, then there are preventative measures you can take to keep your beard looking and feeling healthy throughout this cold, dry time of year.

How to Protect the Beard from the Cold

If you spend only short stents out in the cold each day then we recommend utilizing quality beard oils to both soften and protect the beard. Quality natural oils such as the ones we carry at Vintage Grooming should not contain any harmful chemicals or leave your beard greasy. If you are using oils that are leaving your beard greasy, then your facial hair will be more prone to icing over more quickly in the cold elements.

Do you work or spend extended time outdoors in the cold? Or maybe you just live in an extremely frigged mountain or arctic climate? Then you likely need extra protection that beard oils cannot provide in extreme or prolonged cold exposure situations. In these cases, we'd recommend a quality beard balm, such as our Night Owl or Vintage balms, to help battle the cold and protect the hair and skin. Like beard oil, our balm does help condition and soften the beard with it's natural ingredients, but it also contains "bees wax" in the mixture. This particular ingredient can help the hair retain moisture longer, and this is much needed for extended exposure to freezing temps.

Rejuvenating Damaged Facial Hair from the Cold
Forget to take preventative measures for your face before heading out into the freezing weather? Those natural oils in your hair and skin getting sucked out by the cold air can leave you with rough and damaged facial hair. We chose to use all-natural plant based ingredients at Vintage Grooming in our beard products that are known to naturally mimic those natural hair and skin oils your body produces. So always ensure you aren't using watered down chemicals in your products and that the ingredients will actually give you the results you are looking for to keep your beard protected and healthy this winter!

In Conclusion
Growing a beard, not only in the winter, should be a fun experience. No matter how big or small the beard, you will find that utilizing quality natural products will not only assist with the cold, but also be very beneficial in keeping it soft, fresh, and stop itchiness while helping promote healthier growth in general.

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3 Responses

Gary Prine
Gary Prine

January 17, 2017

Nice read!


January 16, 2017

I have noticed a HUGE difference this winter compared to last winter being that I am using Night Owl beard balm. Thanks Vintage!

Heather Fisco
Heather Fisco

January 16, 2017

My husbands beard ALWAYS gets rough and dry during the winter. Thanks for the good advice, I will be switching him from his cheap soap to your oils and soaps starting now!

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