A Short Guide On Common Beard Issues

by Vintage Grooming™ February 01, 2015 3 Comments

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to taking care of a beard is that most guys think "My beard isn't long enough to worry about it". We like to inform folks that, when it comes to beards, size doesn't matter!

It is up to YOU as the beard owner to take responsibility by taking care of the hair on your face with as much or with even more care than the hair on your head. Below are a few common issues with simple tips on taking better care of those manly whiskers:

Stinky Odors

You are the only person who actually knows where that beard has been! For most of us: food, drinks, bedtime slobber etc.. can cause our beards to carry unpleasant aromas, and this can easily send the ladies the opposite direction when you lean in for a smooch if you don’t take proper care of your facial hair.

Some fellas find their beards emitting odors later on in the day. A great solution for this would be to find the nearest restroom to give those whiskers a quick rinse with some soapy water. If you really want to freshen that beard up, then grab a bottle of our scented beard oil to keep in your desk, car, gym locker etc… and apply it after that midday wash then you'll be right back to looking soft, dapper and smelling like a real man should!

Did you know that quality all-natural beard oils can provide antibacterial properties that help keep your beard fresh and cleaner throughout the day?

The Bearded Itch

Many men have problems with an itchy beard (especially when you first start growing a new beard). There are only two solutions that are heavily suggested across the beard industry to help cure itchiness:

Option 1. Chop it off (if you prefer manliness, then this is not an option!)

Option 2. Find yourself a good beard oil or beard balm that will help soften & condition those itchy whiskers and also sooth the skin as it grows!

Poor Hair Growth

If you leave a beard to grow and develop on its own, then you are in for a rough surprise. Some men tend to forget about their beards and leave them to grow wild and free, which is fine if you are part of the Duck Dynasty cast or going for the cave man look! For those of us not on reality TV making bearded millions, we find ourselves needing to present ourselves more presentable at work, on dates, in interviews etc..

As your beard grows, you should also regularly trim those whiskers every week or so to form the shape you desire. If you are worried about taking scissors to your own beard, then go find a local barber who will give you a nice cut & beard shaping all in one visit.

Many small local barbers will do both a beard trim and haircut for about $20 on average! Facial hair can also grow in patches or dry out and break causing it to grow uneven; this is where a good oil or balm can work wonders during your beard shaping journey!

*Tip - Trimming as you grow can promote a fuller and healthier look by taking care of dead ends and split ends.

Beard Dandruff

Yes, “Beard Dandruff” is a real thing!

While not as common as head dandruff, there are a few bearded gentlemen who find themselves with shiny flakes of dead skin in the beard. This is definitely something men should try to avoid in any work or social setting, as it can leave an unwanted lasting memory with those you shakes hands and socialize with.

A medicated head shampoo can do the trick for most dandruff issues, so head to your nearest pharmacy and find something that works well for you if your case is more severe. Careful though, as some of these products can contain harmful chemicals that can damage your hair and even cause skin irritation and issues.

The best solution for taking care of beard dandruff is to natural plant based oils or balms to keep the hair hydrated and healthy, so always ensure you are checking the ingredients lists.

*Tip - test a small amount of beard product, or any hair/skin product for that matter, on a small area on the back of your hand before applying to your face to ensure you are not allergic to anything.

Cold Season

During the winter months we find ourselves sneezing, coughing, and blowing our noses quite often which can leave a bearded mess. So ensure you are washing those germs from your facial hair 2 times a day (minimum), and use scented tissue to blow your nose (which can help with sickly mustache odors).


Food odors are the biggest cause of nasty beards. Keeping food odors out of your facial hair is actually quite simple: Simply lean over your plate, use lots of napkins, and consider using a quality mustache wax to keep the food out of the hairs and the hairs out of the mouth.

Combing & Brushing the Beard

Many gents find themselves torn between whether they should comb or brush the beard. In many ways this mostly boils down to personal preference as to what to use on the beard. Which tool and whether you want fine/wide tooth combs or firm/soft bristle brushes.

Suggested Brush Softness
Long Beards = Firm Bristle
Short Beards = Soft Bristle
Suggested Comb Width
Long Beards - Wide Tooth
Short Beards - Fine Tooth

*Final Tip - When brushing or combing the beard, always start at the ends of the hair and work towards the face to help prevent tugging, split ends, and other further damage during your morning routine.


Simply treat your beard with respect & keep those whiskers clean!

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Do you have any questions or experiences about beard care that you'd like to share? Feel free to comment below with questions or topics you'd like us to consider covering in the future!

Vintage Grooming™
Vintage Grooming™


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Lillian Schaeffer

February 27, 2018

My husband is really enthusiastic about wanting to grow out a beard. It’s the cold season right now, so I’ll definitely let him know what you said about washing the germs from sneezing and coughing out at least twice a day. I want to make sure he stays clean and healthy, so that’s some good advice. https://beardfarmer.com/product/growther-vitamins-coming-soon/


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