Stop Taking Hot Showers - Tip

by Vintage Grooming™ May 15, 2018

Most gentleman are unaware that direct steaming water does more damage than good to hair and skin. Below are 3 quick rules of thumb to consider the next time you turn the knob in your shower!

    1. Turn the hot water knob a little past warm to a comfortable level that doesn't leave your skin red when you get out.
    2. Using cheap shampoo, soap, or body wash made with harmful chemicals during a hot shower is a big mistake that can also bring about more skin and hair issues.
    3. If you take a steaming hot shower more than once per week for more than 10 minutes, then you are likely stripping the natural oils from your skin and hair.

      If you're having skin or hair issues that cause you to have dry, itchy or flakey hair then you need to try the above tips for at least a week or so before you can expect to see some results. Still don't think you can resist a hot shower and want need a little help? Then you can try our naturally moisturizing body balms and soaps that can help rejuvenate damaged skin and hair!


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