The Key to an Impeccably Long Beard

by Vintage Grooming™ July 05, 2017

You’ve been practicing your blues licks and singing Sharp Dressed Man with dark-tinted glasses on. The only thing you’re missing is the ZZ Top beard, but for months your beard hasn’t seemed to have budged an inch. Anyone trying to grow a big beard has been here, but surprisingly enough, a few of us actually know why our beard isn’t reaching its full potential. So what’s the deal?

Split Ends and Why They’re a Problem

Anyone that decides to grow out any type of hair can experience split ends. Unfortunately, many things can play a role in obtaining split ends, which is why we really need to keep up with them. A large amount of shampoos, conditioners and soaps contain chemicals that can be harmful to your beard. Since beard hair is an androgenic hair, it needs to be treated differently.

To keep things short and sweet, most bathing supplies are going to strip the oil from your beard, cracking the ends of your hair and causing it to crack in half all the way up to the root. This inhibits growth because as your hair continues to grow, it also continues to split. This causes the ends of the hair to fall out because they become too brittle and dry.

Want Growth? Trim those split ends...

To first remedy split ends, it’s highly recommended that a man switches over to an all-natural product for his beard, preferably containing moisturizing agents. Making the switch to something natural means that instead of stripping the oil from your hairs, you’re replenishing them and keeping the skin around your hair follicles healthy.

Many gentlemen make the mistake of growing out their beard before they decide to trim and maintain it with proper products. While their are some rumors suggesting to grow a beard for 3-6 months before trimming, this actually is wrong and your wife or spouse will likely tell you to chop the homeless looking mop off of your face.

When you are noticing split ends and other growth issues, trimming a small amount (about 1/4 or so inch off with scissors) from the ends of the beard to knock off the split ends will help the beard both keep a nice shape can in many ways help improve long growth.

When New Soap Isn’t Enough

While switching over to a healthier beard soap is an excellent start, it isn’t going to fix those split ends. When we acquire split ends, they don’t go away until we get them trimmed off. As counter-intuitive as it sounds to cut some length off your beard to keep it growing, those hairs can’t heal back into one piece, and must be trimmed before the split travels further into the hair. Once you get trimmed up, keeping things hydrated with a good beard oil or balm is going to maintain the health of your beard and get you one step closer to Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill status.

When you've tried everything

If you’ve followed these steps and your beard still isn’t growing after a few months, one thing to be considered is that every man has a terminal length to their beard. Just like any other hair, beard hair has a maximum length, and can be achieved at a wide variety according to each man’s genetics. So don’t worry if you still aren’t getting a crazy Zeus beard, have no fear! Nothing’s wrong with you, it’s just genetics at work.

Lastly, if you are still unsure about your hair growth or the right products for your skin and hair type. We would highly suggest visiting a local and reputable master barber in your community to ask about further customized grooming advice. Don't expect to buy one product or tool for the beard and expect an overnight improvement. Remember that when it comes to grooming and maintenance it takes practice and patience to achieve perfection.


Feel free to share your thoughts and questions with us below in the comment section.

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Vintage Grooming™
Vintage Grooming™


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