The Power of All-Natural Pomade

October 04, 2017

The Power of All-Natural Pomade

It's 7am and you're staring at the most amazing bed head you've ever seen. You have a meeting in an hour. What are you going to do?

Sure, you can wet your hair and hope for the best, but if you're throwing a Hail Mary pass on a hope and a prayer, 99% of the time, it's going to fall short. We get it. In fact, there are plenty of reasons guys have begun to embrace our All-Natural Hair Pomade. From first impressions to important dates and desires for everyday style, hair is an important part of the big picture. You want the right look and feel, but it's tough to find the right product that does what it's supposed to without leaving you smelling feminine or walking around with razor-sharp tresses on top of your head. On the other hand, you may find products that work well for a couple hours but leave a trail of heavy grease in their wake as the day starts to wind down.

Clearly, these are not viable options for a man who wants to put his best face forward. When it comes to great hair care products, our pomade is made to stand up to many of the daily challenges you may be facing. Here's why:

1. A Little Goes a Long Way

If the idea of having a sink full of hair products makes you feel like shaving all of your hair off, step back from that razor for just a second! Our pomade takes the place of most other products you may already have, and since it's a pomade, you only need a dab to do your whole 'do. A single, attractive canister can do big things without a lot of effort.

2. It's All-Natural

Do you ever feel like you smell like a hospital after you do your hair? It's probably the chemicals in your styling products. Chemicals have a way of putting off off-putting odors that can make your great hair a moot point if nobody wants to be around you.

Our pomade solves this problem. Made with earthy ingredients, you'll find it has a refreshingly citrus smell.

3. It Loves Your Hair As Much as You Do

Thanks to the conditioning shea butter and castor oil formula, our pomade leaves your hair soft and touchable without greasy after-effects. Don't be surprised if you find yourself welcoming people to run their fingers through your locks; you won't be the first of our customers to do so!

Don't stress about your tresses. With our pomade, you have the power of an awesome style right in the palm of your hands -- quite literally! Check out the All-Natural Hair Pomade, and see the difference The Vintage Grooming Co. will make in your life today!

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