Top 3 Vintage Hairstyles for Men

by Vintage Grooming™ April 30, 2018 1 Comment

Keeping up with ever changing modern hairstyles and trends can be quite mundane for men who seek simplicity in their look and routine. You can't go wrong with a clean classic look that is both edgy and traditional. Since the end of the 19th century there have been a few styles that seem to just stick around...

Below is the top list of 3 simple vintage looks for men, along with a few cool history facts on each style! We used the following key factors to base the following vintage hairstyles on:

  1. Is the haircut easy and quick to style?
  2. Does it look good styled and messy?
  3. Is the hairstyle affordable to maintain?


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The hair is brought up in the front and styled to the back neatly. Keep in mind too that tall pompadours typically take longer to style, but short neat pompadours with a hard part can look great too.

The term originated in the 1700's when King Louis XV had a mistress named Madame de Pompadour. Although the sides and top were traditionally short and neat up until the 1930's, later in history folks like Elvis Presley made long sides and tall pomps cool.


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Shorter, flat top styled, sides with a longer top is the traditional look here. The hair is brought up and back, similar to the pompadour (just a little more messy). The great thing about this style is that it works great on almost any hair type, even wavier hair. You can't go wrong here with a nice buzz, and if you have receding hairline issue, then this look with a slight mohawk style can also look great.

This style became popular around Britain in the 1950s with the Teddy Movement and then again saw a resurge in the 1980's, and has stuck around since!


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A simple, time-saving, hairstyle for the man that seeks authority. This look is great for both casual and business, so long as it is worn properly. The key here is for it to not look too wet, but to portray a subtle and slick shine. Use a quality hair pomade, if you want a messy natural look with the ability to re-slick the hair back at anytime.

Originally the style was associated with the inability to afford a barber in the first half of the 20th century. The slick back took trend around the 1920's with both the working class as well as street gangs like Peaky Blinders. This hairstyle has remained thanks to ongoing popularity among professional athletes and actors in recent history.

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Vintage Grooming™
Vintage Grooming™


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Mary Lateman
Mary Lateman

June 28, 2018

I always wanted a classic hairstyle which looks highly decent and professional. In that way, vintage grooming is doing good. These styles look rich and classy. You can also check with
Nice blog keep posting. Thank you.

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