When to Use Mustache Wax for the First Time

December 10, 2017

When to Use Mustache Wax for the First Time

When should I start using wax on my mustache? This is a common question among many gentleman new to the sport of growing facial hair. Growing a full mustache, with or without a beard, can be a challenge for many gentlemen who are new to the process. The journey of growing your mustache though can be quite rewarding for those willing to utilize the proper methods and tools to achieve perfection. This short article will guide you through the initial steps to getting started!

Step 1: Start Growing It

If you haven’t already started, go ahead and let those whiskers start shining through the follicles. During this early short stage, you can help promote healthier and fuller growth by rubbing on a drop or two of natural beard oil on your short lip hair. Quality waxes, such as our Olde Country wax, has great plant ingredients, such as Jojoba Oil, that help mimic the natural oils of your skin to keep your mustache healthy and happy.

Step 2: Train the Hair

Once your mustache starts to grow over the lip, it will be time to begin training the hairs in the direction you want them to grow. Once the mustache hairs start getting over into your mouth, you will want to ensure you reapply wax before and after lunch, meetings, etc.. to prevent the temptation of chewing or biting off those fragile new stache hairs.

Step 3: Style Up for Look and Hold

Now that your mustache has started to grow to a manageable length, you will need to decide the look and style you are trying to achieve. Some guys are busy with work and do not have much time to style in the mornings. We would recommend an easy grooming, medium hold wax and/or a travel size tube, to take care of those whiskers on the fly.

If you are looking for that traditional perfection, then you may want to consider going with a stronger hold. To keep the mustache hairs from moving, you may consider a normal strong hold wax. Then if you need handlebar, all-day, perfection you may want to consider a natural completion grade mustache wax that will keep your hairs on-point. For this we recommend considering our best-selling Death Grip wax once feel ready to step up your mustache game!

Final Step: Maintain & Protect

Just because you have achieved the proper length doesn’t mean that you can simply set and forget. Always use non-chemical base waxes to ensure you are not damaging your hairs and condition the stache and follicle underneath at least once per week with condition oils or balm. Wash out the mustache using natural soap and warm water to prevent unneeded damage. Lastly, don’t forget to trim split ends, damaged hair, and the long fly-aways to keep it shaped up to your liking.

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