Why You Should Use All-Natural Hair Products

by Vintage Grooming™ June 28, 2018

You care about your hair. You’ve researched different styles to figure out what fits you best. You spend good money to go to a barber who knows what he’s doing so you look good (and admit it, you like a little pampering). And you diligently style your hair every morning before you head out the door.

There are many guys with that level of dedication, who then do the unthinkable: use the same old shampoos and hair gels that they can pick up when they do their grocery shopping. Sure it’s convenient.

But, if you have a tin of so-called “pomade” next to a six-pack of craft brew in your cart, it’s obviously the wrong move for several reasons.

“Mass market” hair products are actually loaded with chemicals and other materials – like sulphates – that can do serious damage to your hair. The main reason: to supposedly clean your hair and they strip out beneficial natural, protective oils (so conditioners can add silicones to make it “soft” again). Some of these chemicals are simply used to extend the shelf life of the product; that certainly doesn’t mean they’re good for your hair.

They don’t stop there. These harsh compounds also hit your scalp, drying it out. If you have sensitive skin you’re in even bigger trouble. Itch city.

These chemicals are also harmful to the environment. Guess what happens when you wash them out? Those chemicals go straight down the drain into our waterways. Sure it’s not the BP oil spill… but it’s bad enough.

So you’re done with your shower... 

Moving on to hair gels, waxes, pomades, and the like. You’ve seen them on the supermarket shelf – usually in a bright neon colored plastic tub. In nature, bright colors usually are a warning to stay away from a venomous creature, so you might want to stay away from these hair products”!

Again, harsh chemicals like parabens damage hair and irritate your scalp. Not to mention they usually give your hair a dry, crunchy look, and you won’t look your best. 

There’s really no excuse for picking up the hair care products packed with chemicals when there are effective all-natural alternatives with plant-based ingredients so readily available. (And certainly don’t tell a good barber you’re using artificial hair products – he’d have a heart attack.

Quality pomades should contain natural ingredients like shea butter and castor oil provide all natural minerals, nutrients, and vitamins to nourish your hair from the roots up. The result is healthier, more vibrant hair. You get a natural looking, non-greasy, and clean shine and an effective hold.

Let’s talk shampoos. All natural shampoo with plant-based ingredients should use a much milder formula, with no harsh chemicals, that work with your natural oils to nourish your hair. And they won’t irritate your sensitive skin – no more painful allergic reactions.

The fact is that hair absorbs what you put on it – it can even enter your body. So, keep your hair care products all natural. An added bonus with using our all natural shampoo bar and pomade: is that your hair will naturally smell much better too!

The choice between what you find on your supermarket shelf and the all natural – but still affordable – hair care products out there is clear.


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