Stop Touching Your Moustache

by Vintage Grooming™ September 20, 2018 1 Comment

Touching and twirling your moustache is both an easy and bad habit to pick up, as well as a tough one to break. Some may argue that twirling their stache “helps them think” but the truth is that you are doing much more damage than good. Here are a few quick reasons to stop touching your moustache all-day-long, as well as a few tips on breaking the habit.

Damages the Hairs
You can cause damage in numerous ways when you touch and twirl your stache hairs throughout the day. One of them is that tugging and twirling the hairs can cause both hair loss as well as cause dead ends and split ends to the hairs that remain. The constant touching can also strip out the natural oils in your hairs which can prevent fuller and healthier mustache growth.

*Tip - If you have mustache hair damage then try a good natural beard oil or balm to help keep those hairs strong and healthy.

Waste of Mustache Wax
Do you find yourself needing to re-apply moustache wax throughout the day? Each time your fingers make their way across your lip, the more time and wax you waste needing to apply it more frequently. Leaving your moustache alone will help that tin of wax last nearly twice as long and in return save your hard earned money!

It’s Unhealthy
Can you imagine the things you touch and hands you might shake throughout the day? We don’t always remember or have time to wash up or grab hand sanitizer, and yet so many guys still go about twirling their moustache all day! Your fingers transfer both dirt and bacteria to your moustache and face which can lead to being sick more often and also lead to poor hair growth. Oh and would you want to kiss a germ infested face? Bet not.

It’s Simply Annoying
Have you tried having a serious conversation while the other persons hand moves around in front of their face for 20 minutes? Checking it in the mirror, your cell phone or elsewhere in public every 5 minutes can come across both conceited and rude to others around you.

Tips to Breaking the Habit

  1. Remind your spouse or a friend when you go out in public to keep an eye out and let you know if there are crumbs in the stache or if your handlebars look messed up.
  2. Try occupying your hands with things like stress balls, fidget spinner etc.. especially during the slower times of day your hands are not as occupied.
  3. Use a quality moustache wax to keep the hairs tame and out of your mouth so you aren’t tempted to chew or constantly adjust your moustache.
  4. If touching it during dinner or over conversation with others is a bad problem for you, then try either sitting on your primary twirling hand or even holding something like a drink or utensil.
  5. Holding hands more often during dates and outings with loved ones to occupy your primary hand is a good habit to pick up for both you and the person you’re with!

Just Keep Trying
It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 60 days to break or form a new habit. So don’t get discouraged too quickly… All you can ask of yourself is to try harder and stop a few seconds sooner next time if you catch yourself twirling and touching it. Remember it will take practice, patience and persistence to break this habit and if you want to look your best then you must give your moustache the respect it deserves!


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John Holme
John Holme

September 21, 2018

Sad confession – I often use my fingers to comb crumbs from my stache. Is there a better way to accomplish this little bit of essential grooming?

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